As the new year unfolds, purpose to join with us in worship, fellowship and the study of God’s Word.  For the very first time, we are excited to offer a variety of studies to choose from! Each is designed with the same goal; to give women the opportunity to abide in God’s Word and abound in fruitful living.

Studies to Choose From



One Year Bible Inductive Study

Inductive Bible Study is a valuable tool for understanding and applying the principles of God’s Word that will revolutionize your devotional life.  The Inductive Study Method is a verse by verse investigative approach to the Bible using three basic components:

1. Observation: what does the passage say?
2. Interpretation: what does the passage mean?
3. Application: how does this meaning apply to my life?

The first step will be your own individual study time, implementing these components and journaling your personal discoveries. Then you will have the opportunity to participate in a small group discussion for additional observations and insights. It is in the discussion, for many women, that the lesson begins to “gel”. The discussion confirms, clarifies, and corrects as each woman seeks to discover truth for herself, as well as encourages everyone to live out what they are learning. In this approach, spending the time to know what the Bible says, understanding what it means, and living it out in our daily life, results in a life that honors God. A personal journal, study helps, and reading schedule will be provided for you. You may choose to use your own bible with the reading plan, or a One Year Bible.

Two different options:

Beginner: A practical “hands-on” class that will teach you step-by-step how to understand and implement the inductive method. Whether you are “new” to this method or desire a “refresher”, this class is designed to lay the foundations that will enable you to understand and apply God’s Word to your own life.

Monday: Debbi Bryson/MaryJean Shaw

Thursday: Jes Shepherd/Stacy Valdez


Experienced: A class designed for those already proficient in the steps of the inductive method.  Those attending understand this is a “dig deeper” approach and come prepared to discuss and share from selected passages you have journaled throughout the week.

Monday: Debbie Cracchiolo/Bobbi Gerhard

Thursday: Yvonne Cottage/Shanti Westby


Discerning the Voice of God / Priscilla Shirer DVD Series

One of the most important parts of our relationship with God is learning to listen and discern His voice. We have to position ourselves and give place to hear from Him. If hearing God has seemed challenging, Priscilla Shirer invites you to explore a more intimate relationship with Him, one that can make hearing Him—His will, His heart, and His voice your ongoing experience.  John 10:27 says, “My sheep hear My Voice, and I know them and they follow Me.”  As His children, we have the privilege and honor to discern the Voice of God.

Through a 7-session DVD series, you will have the opportunity to:

  • More deeply understand the Holy Spirit’s role in your life.

  • Differentiate His voice from imposters’ voices, even your own.

  • Glimpse His guidance in your everyday life.

  • Grow consistently in obedience, surrender, stillness, and humility.

Bring your bible, and we will provide a notebook with study helps and the weekly viewer worksheet for each lesson. There is an in-depth workbook for those who desire the option of mid-week homework available through

Monday: Cathy Boyer/Lisa Viveros

Thursday: Mir Lashbrook /Denise Salvato


Simply the Story: Connecting People to the Word of God Through Stories

Are you looking to deepen your connection to the word of God? What if there is a simple way to study that will bring the stories of the Bible to life?  “Simply The Story” is an oral style study that explores the truths, encouragements, and promises of scripture. Selected stories are taught in a small group setting where you will listen to what God’s word says, participate in a discussion, and glean personal application for your life.

Our study time will take us through the stories of the prophet Elijah. The biblical narrative reveals a man called and sent by God to speak boldly on His behalf and stir the hearts of a people back towards Him.  Elijah lived in the midst of a nation of spiritual decay, conflict, and trial.  Just like us, he often faced crossroads of trust, obedience, and prayer when facing the difficulties of life.  What can we learn about ourselves as we study the story of his life?  What can we learn about God–His character, His heart, and His ways?  What can we glean from these stories that will be foundational for our faith and enable us to respond to God’s call in our own lives?

Due to the oral nature of this study, there are minimal supplies. The cost will be $5

Monday: Tami Molina/Charleen Bracci/Tammi Rusie

Thursday: Tami Molina/Silvia Marin


Identity in Christ

The focus of this study workbook, written by Pastor Rob Salvato,  is to discover and unpack who you are in Christ and to thoroughly grasp the significance of your spiritual DNA. Understanding these foundational truths and learning how to walk in the reality of your spiritual DNA will enable you to live a vibrant and victorious Christian life.

There will be weekly reading assignments with some questions to answer. You will be expected to come to class prepared to share the truths learned, as well as have the opportunity to ask questions and glean wisdom from women who have followed Christ for many years.

The small group atmosphere provides love, support, prayer, and a beautiful opportunity for discipleship.  A workbook study binder will be provided.

Monday: Rita Hiller/Traci Andrews

Thursday: Karen Garcia/Sue Galvez


Healed and Set Free 

You weren’t made to bury your pain, you were made to be Healed and Set Free! We are offering a 10-week, intensive study to help equip women who are struggling with past hurts and pain, and desire to be free and experience healing from the Lord.

Whether it’s from anger, marital issues, divorce, abuse, rape, adultery, abortion, emotional depression, anger, eating disorders, guilt, etc. the author, Tammy Brown, takes women through biblical steps and truths of the Word that help them find healing.

This is an adult class for women 18 and older, utilizing a study workbook and small group discussion.  Because of the nature of this study, those participating must be fully committed to completing the weekly homework and to keeping information confidential.   We have seen and heard testimonies from many women in our church body of how God has used this bible study to greatly impact and help bring healing to their lives, as well as birth new friendships with other sisters in Christ, prayer support, and love.

Study workbook is provided, space is limited. Upon registration, you will be contacted by a study leader for more details.

Monday: Rosalyn Posey/Kathryn Custer

Thursday: Jeannette Pierini/Linda Johnson