Mark & Theresa Redden Sydney, Australia

Loren & Jeanna Combs

Calvary Chapel York & Bible College

Loren and Jeanna have been missionaries with CC for several years. Jeanna grew up attending Calvary Chapel Vista and had the privilege to be sent out as a missionary to Subotica, Yugoslavia in 1991. They met on the mission-field in Hungary in 1996 and were married the same year. They continued to minister in Hungary until 1998 when they relocated to minister at the bible college in Spittal, Austria. In 2000 the Lord directed them to assist CC York, UK and help establish a bible college there. From 2002-2014 they pioneered and pastored a church on England’s east coast. In summer of 2014 they returned to assist the church and bible college ministries at CC York. They are blessed with three children.

Loren’s primary role is teaching at the bible college and fulfilling the role of the dean of men. He also assists in the ministry of the church and is involved in both the college and church’s vision for missions.

Jeanna’s primary role is assisting with the woman’s ministry within the church as well as other church related ministries such as the church’s coffee shop outreach and weekly coffee morning outreach to the elderly. She is also involved in the ministry of the bible college.


We both have a passion for missions both globally and locally. Being in York we have the opportunity to invest in and hopefully inspire bible college students in missions – prayerfully inspiring the next generation of missionaries. Within the ministry of the church and our own personal lives we have opportunity to reach out to those around us locally with the love of Christ. We also get to be involved in the wider work of missions in taking part in short term missions trips and travelling to support other missionaries where they are ministering.

Prayer Requests

  • We would be effectively equipped to minister as God has called us to.
  • We would have open and effective opportunities to share the love of Christ with those around us.

Jim and Margie Stewart

Calvary Chapel Padova, Italy

Calvary Chapel Vista was our home for many, many years.  We both served in different ministries in the church and had a home fellowship in our house. In February of 2001, Pastor Rob asked us to pray about moving to Baja, Hungary.  Baja was the first church plant by Calvary in Hungary and they were in need of a pastor.  After a short visit and much prayer, God confirmed the call and we moved in July, 2001.  We ministered there for 7 years and then God blessed us and the church by raising up a wonderful Hungarian man to be the next pastor in Baja.

In September 2008 we journeyed on to our next venture of faith- Padova, Italy.  We were asked in 2007 to pray about moving to Padova, and again with much prayer and confirmation through God’s Word, we moved to Padova.


With Catholicism so prevalent in Italy, our desire here is to minister the truth of God’s Word to those who don’t know or understand the finished work of the cross nor experience the freedom of God’s grace.  We truly want to exhaust ourselves for the truth!  Volunteering alongside of them, hanging out with them, making the most of every opportunity we are given to be witnesses of Christ to the people. We want to share with them who the God of the Bible really is and show them that they too can have a relationship with the living God!

Prayer Requests

Our biggest prayer request right now is funding to rent a building.  Without a permanent place to meet, it is quite difficult to invite people and offer different bible studies and programs throughout the week.  The opportunities are there to do something each day of the week if we wanted, we just need the place to do it.

With a building, we will not only be able to have our bible studies, but we could have guitar lessons, men’s and women’s events, movie nights, etc to reach out to the community.  English is such a great tool here and people are always looking for ways to learn and/or improve their language skills.  People are always looking for ‘mother-tongue’ teachers, which gives us a great advantage.  There isn’t a lack of practical ministry that we could be doing, we just need a place to do it.  One thing about Italians is they do enjoy being together and when you offer those opportunities they will come out.

Continued prayer for salvation in our city. We ask for His wisdom and guidance as we seek Him for direction for ways to reach the people here.  We pray for God’s mercy and grace upon our lives and that we would be filled with and walk in the Spirit at all times.  Our desire is to have yielded lives and committed hearts to serve Him with everything we have.


We also are in great need of helpers to come alongside of us in the work here.  We are not able to reach all the people in our area by ourselves.  We need worship leaders and/or those who could come and head up a University Ministry.  Over 60,000 students are here and we need help to reach them.  We would like those who would be willing to commit to a year but would consider a revolving door type of situation where back to back groups would come for a 3 month period (due to visa requirements)  Teams, even as small as 8-10 would be great.  We would love to have constant and consistent movement here, flooding the city with a non-stop enthusiasm for the kingdom!

Prayer for health issues is important.  Also, our teeth are pretty much falling out.  Perhaps knowing a good dentist in the US that would be willing to work pro-bono would be a huge blessing, as we need our teeth 🙂

Help with our website.  We are both unschooled in this area.  We would appreciate someone with the skills and creativity to take on this all important tool for reaching out and updating the community.

We have such a renewed vision for our city.  We want to move forward, taking steps of faith, led at all times by His Spirit.



Kyle & Odie Eckhart

Calvary Chapel Golgota Szeged

I didn’t grow up in a Christian family and never stepped foot into a church until I was 16. I thought I was a good person until a friend shared the Gospel with me for the first time. I was completely amazed that God loved me & sent Jesus to die on the cross for my sins. It was at that time I put my faith in Jesus & have been walking with Him ever since. My friend took me to church the following week and it just happened to be that he was going to Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. There I got involved with the high school group and was at church as much as I could because I had such a strong desire to learn God’s Word.

After becoming a Christian I knew that I wanted to serve God because I am so thankful for what He did for me. I would do anything I could and in 1993 when an opportunity presented itself for me to go on a 2-week outreach to Minsk,Belorussia, I decided to go. God provided in miraculous ways for me to be able to go. In 1994, I was part of a team that came to Hungary for 2 weeks. We did evangelism in Esztergom, Budapest, and Szeged.

In the Fall of 1994 a very good friend of mine, who was the youth pastor at Calvary Chapel Vista, called and told me that the church was looking for someone to go over to Baja, Hungary to help out the church there. He asked me to pray about going. I did, and to make a long story short, I arrived in Hungary in February 1995. My plan was to stay one year.  God’s plan was different. Here in Hungary I met Odi. We got married in 1999 and moved to Szeged. She was in University here and I was the assistant pastor of Calvary Chapel Szeged. In the Spring of 2000 I became the pastor of Calvary Chapel Szeged. Since then I’ve been leading the church and taking the church through the Bible.


I see our church as a small version of our city. For many, Szeged isn’t a permanent place in their lives, it’s temporary. Over the years we’ve seen hundreds of people come and go at Golgota Szeged. Most simply finished school and moved back to wherever they were from in Hungary of from around the world. You might think it a little depressing, the high turnover, but it’s really not.  It’s actually a great opportunity for us.  We get to be involved in people’s lives for a period and God graciously uses Golgota Szeged to help people grow in their faith.

My underlying vision for Golgota Szeged is that we’d be a church that reaches the nations and generations for Jesus. I always say I want our international students with a diploma & a love for Jesus to serve Him wherever they end up. I also believe that we have the opportunity to see many people be the first in their family lines to love and serve Jesus.

We believe that Szeged is our “Jerusalem”. From here we want to see the Gospel go forth from our city to the region, our nation, and to the ends of the earth.

Prayer Requests

  • more people in Golgota Szeged to get a vision for God’s work in the world and get involved in it.
  • more people to meet Jesus
  • more open doors for ministry


Phil & Joy Metzger

Calvary Chapel Golgota Budapest


Phil Metzger is the pastor of Calvary Chapel Budapest, Hungary. He is also the director of Calvary Chapel Bible College and Conference Center Europe, which is located in Vajta, Hungary. In addition to his teaching responsibilities at the college, Phil is involved in serving various churches across Eastern Europe, Ethiopia and Nigeria. He is originally from Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, where he served in the youth ministry as a youth pastor. After serving stateside, Phil moved to Moscow, Russia in 1992, and worked as a missionary there for 7 months. Then in 1998, Phil moved to Hungary, and has been serving in various cities throughout Hungary ever since, beginning as an assistant pastor at a new church plant in Esztergom, Hungary, and then planting and pastoring two Calvary Chapels in Kaposvár and Sárbogárd, Hungary, and now currently in Budapest. Phil and his wife Joy have four beautiful children: Niki, Karina, Judah and Hannah.


Our heart and ministry are focused on making disciples and seeing the church grow in quality and quantity to impact the world for Christ. We would like to see more churches planted in Hungary and beyond in order to bring the Word of God to the lost.

Prayer Requests

We always welcome and are so grateful for your prayers. Please pray for our family. Pray for our ministry. Please pray for wisdom, discernment and the Lord’s anointing to teach and to lead.


Prayer is number one. If anyone has it on their heart to help us practically or in other ways there are always ever-changing needs. Feel free to get in touch with us directly. Prayer moves the heart of God and He truly has given us incredible grace and favor.

Michael and Marika Payne

Calvary Chapel Golgota Budapest

Originally born and raised in South Africa, Michael originally connected with Calvary Vista in the early nineties while serving with the Marine Corps, stationed at Camp Pendleton. Mike moved to Debrecen, Hungary as a CC Vista missionary to serve as a missionary with a new church plant. He met his wife Marika in Debrecen. Marika is Hungarian, but born in Romania. Both their children – James and David were born in Hungary. In 2001 the family moved to Budapest to serve the church there as worship leader and assistant pastor. Mike has since established an online Radio Station ( and professional music studio ( in Budapest. The music of Golgota Budapest reaches Hungarians all over the world.


Our global vision for the country and our city is see the gospel preached and people saved and discipled. Our call within that vision is through online media, bible studies, music, producing high quality TV broadcasts and of course leading the church weekly in Worship through music. Developing the next generation of worship leaders and finding and writing new Christ and Gospel centered music for the future generation is all part of this vision.

Prayer Requests

We are always in need of faithful servants. The harvest is truly ready in Budapest, but the laborers are few. We really need a new building. Our greatest obstacle to new growth is all the growth. No where to put all the people. Currently we have four Sunday services, one Monday night and two Wednesday night services. Our room only sits about 450. We need a new building!!!


Currently we are in great need of a new car. Our old car has succumbed to rust and will not pass the next road test in May.


Greg & Jelena Sivulka 


In 1990 I had an opportunity to go over to Yugoslavia with the youth group of Calvary Chapel of Vista on a short-term mission. We spent a lot of time sharing our faith with people on the streets, in night clubs, etc. I was shocked to find out that many people in Yugoslavia have never heard the Gospel before! I found it exhilarating being the first messenger to tell them things like: “God loves you,” “Christ died for your sins,” “Through Christ you can have a relationship with God (eternal life),” etc. Toward the end of that outreach I began to pray and ask the Lord if it might be his will I move to Yugoslavia. I asked him to make it clear before we go back to the States and He did! After praying, the next day, Brian Broderson came up to me, who was leading the outreach, and asked if I would be interested in coming back to help out with the new church that was starting on the streets of Subotica. My heart was filled with joy and I immediately accepted. After a short v isit back to the States, I packed my bags and returned to Yugoslavia. I began learning the language and mainly devoted my time to one-on-one evangelism and discipleship during my first year. I got to lead many people to Christ and help them grow in their faith. Soon the Lord began leading me into other kinds of ministry besides one-on-one work: preaching/teaching the Word of God in group settings, leading worship on the keyboard, serving refugees and poor people through distributing humanitarian aid, starting new church plants in cities where there was no church, leading seminars and organizing conferences, etc. In 1994 I married a beautiful Serbian girl named Jelena. Together we moved around to different areas devoting ourselves to spreading the Gospel and planting churches. We have three children: Benjamin, Sara and Hana. A few years ago after discovering that our youngest daughter has autism, we started becoming more and more interested in reaching out to familie s affected by disabilities. Once a year, with the help of an organization called “Joni & Friends,” we have something called family retreats. We invite non-Christian families that have kids with special needs to these retreats where we: have Christian volunteers babysit their children to give the parents a break, have teaching from the Word of God on subjects like – “God’s perspective on disabilities,” “How to cope with disabilities – a relationship with Christ,” have fun activities (swimming, talent shows, music, etc.)… At this point in our lives, evangelizing, counseling and discipling people with special needs have become our main ministries. We are still very much involved in helping church planters, but more as a mentoring role at this stage. We have a vision to develop a center where we would have various services for people with disabilities. This would be the first such Christian center ever developed in this country.

Prayer Requests

  • To maintain and enjoy a rich, love relationship with Christ all the days of our life.
  • Strength, hope and courage – As we live with the challenges of raising a child with autism in a country with very few services available.
  • Financial support – for food and other basic necessities and also for expenses of ministries that we are involved in.


Mark & Theresa Redden

Sydney, Australia

Through our appreciation of how God used the ministry of Calvary Vista to restore us personally, and how we saw God sending people out from Calvary Vista to bring that kind of personal and church ministry to other parts of the USA and world, and through some personal ministry involvement through Gospel For Asia and Calvary Chapel Church Planting Mission, and through meeting an Australian family at Calvary Vista, we eventually stepped out and ventured down here to Sydney, Australia in August, 1998.

We worked alongside this family to hopefully plant churches that were modeled and affiliated with Calvary Chapel. After a year they moved to another part of the country. For a couple of years we were part of a Fellowship called Calvary Chapel Sydney. During that time, and for many years later, we led a Bible study fellowship in our home that we also held at other locations around the Northern Beaches of Sydney where we’ve lived since 2000.

Our vision is to simply and genuinely love people and specifically point them to Jesus through His Word. Over the years we’ve done that in a lot of ways. Our life-ministry verse is Isaiah 37:31, “….grow roots downward, and bear fruit upward.

Prayer Requests

  • Good soil; Good / creative opportunities to plant seed.
  • God’s heart – never give up desiring to plant, water and tend the seed.
  • Personally, we would love for you to continue to pray for our entire family, our health, and for God’s continued guidance and provision.


Brad & Christy Hall

Northern Beaches, Australia

In the summer of 1998, while serving at CC Vista, God made it very clear that we were called to go to Maui to plant a church. We arrived in Maui on September 17, 1998 and started Calvary Chapel Central Maui on December 1st with two other families we’d met shortly after our arrival. Over the next eleven years the church had grown to around 200 people but in the twelfth year we experienced a significant pruning.

Midway through 2010 God began stirring our hearts in a number of ways, primarily that our involvement with CC Central Maui was winding down to a close. For 12 years we’d laid a spiritual foundation and worked to establish a place of refuge in the heart of Wailuku but now it was time for another pastor to come and build on that foundation. Additionally, if God was stirring us to hand the ministry over, where was He calling us to go? Once again, God made it very clear He was calling us to Australia. After God raised up a new pastor to take over the church (Sean Housman) and after selling our house and cars, we said ‘Aloha’ to Maui, boarded a plane and arrived on Sydney’s Northern Beaches August 4th, 2010…Malena’s 15th birthday (Jesse was 12 and Nina was 9).

Though we’ve found familiarity in the surf culture and beach lifestyle, the Australian culture is another world compared to America and Hawaii. The general mindset, way of life, and understanding of what it means to be a Christian in the world is completely different from everything we knew. The first few years has been a time of learning, understanding, and assimilating into the Australian culture…becoming familiar with our audience so to speak. During our time in Australia God has been gracious to open many doors for preaching and ministry, we certainly didn’t plan for an itinerant preaching ministry but that has been the pattern thus far. We’ve worked with different denominations and have gone behind the curtain into the Australian church, its been fascinating to say the least.

Australian ministry summary:

  • We’ve been camp parents at primary school camps
  • Plenary speakers for retreats, camps, conferences, bible college, and a Christian school
  • Lead Inductive Bible Study courses at Christian schools
  • Conducted evangelism training for teams traveling to the mission field
  • Conducted Understanding Christianity (titled: ‘Why God?’) courses with people from the community
  • Organized outreach nights with Bethany Hamilton and other special guests, with 100’s in attendance and dozens getting saved
  • Debated a philosophy professor at a business college where I served as chaplain to staff & students
  • Served as missions coordinator to Christian Surfers Australia

Last year we became Permanent Residents of Australia and plan to apply for citizenship in 2015. Per our permanent residency visa agreement I need to remain employed with my current employer (Covenant Christian School) until the end of 2014. Though I’m employed full-time by the school, they contract me out to an Anglican church where I lead the Sunday night service and Friday night youth group, preaching two Sunday’s a month and every Friday night . I’m also managing a coffee cart at the School, serving as a barrister and cultivating relationships among staff, parents and 12th grade students. Because the school is made up of Christians from all shapes & sizes (all denominations), doors have opened all over the place for ministry opportunities. Christy also works at the school 3 days a week as a library assistant and as an administrator in the maintenance department. Jesse and Nina also attend this school (Malena is attending a University in Sydney for a Bachelors degree in Exercise and Sports Science). Its fun to all be at school together!

Prayer Requests

  • Teaching the Why God? course at Covenant to unbelieving parents, beginning the first week of May and going for 6 weeks.
  • Finances to pay tuition fees
  • Strength, energy…Living Water for refreshing and continual life/love to flow from us
  • God’s direction for what to do at the end of the year, going in to next year (my contracts end Jan 1, 2015 at school and church)
  • Praising God that Christy is cancer-free and doing well
  • Thanks to CC Vista for your prayers and partnership in the work God is doing in Australia. Its a tremendous blessing to know we’re not alone!!

Many Blessings,

Brad and Christy Hall


Fred & Linda Clark

Gaius Ministries

Gaius Missionary Services is a nonprofit organization which comes alongside Christian missionaries in practical and spiritual ways – to fill material needs, encourage, and bless missionaries worldwide.

Prayer Requests

  • CC Nice, France – continued healing for Pierre Petrignani’s back injury
  • CC Paris, France – new Bible study in their village of Dammartin en Serve
  • CC Padova, Italy – health issues for both Jim and Margie; outreach to college students
  • CC San Salvador, El Salvador – San Martin Orphanage well drilling and solar (currently, water is being trucked in). Safety for the families of Theo & Rebeca Jedlicka, and Dave & Kathy Knepper. These families with children minister in very dangerous areas of San Salvador.

Craig Linquist


Names: Craig, Loren, Aleksander, Jonathan, Nathanael
Ages: 35, 38, 11, 8, 5

Craig Linquist was born in 1968 in Edinburgh, Scotland while his parents were on furlough from mission service in the Central African Republic (CAR). He grew up in Africa, and graduated from high-school in Kenya. His parents had served 23 years in the CAR, his father’s parents served in the CAR for 37 years, and his mother’s parents, Alan and Marjorie Redpath, served together as he was an evangelist and pastor in America and Europe. Craig has been blessed with a godly heritage. In 1984, Craig’s dad died while in Africa, and he and his mother returned to the United States in 1986. There, Craig attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo where he graduated in 1992. His college experience challenged and strengthened his Christian beliefs and he realized he wanted to continue serving the Lord overseas someday, perhaps in agriculture development, the degree in which he had graduated.

In 1989, I (Loren Panian at that time’) met Craig while working with international students on campus at Cal Poly. We both were part of Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship at the time and had a common passion to minister to international students. My parents had given me a love for the world as we traveled had just returned from a year of attending university in Peru, South American where I also worked with the Inter Varsity campus group. After graduating from Cal Poly with a degree in English and Spanish literature, I continued on to complete my bilingual teaching credential. Craig and I were married in 1991, moved to San Jose, California where we have lived for 12 years…and lots has happened in these years. I have gone from full time teacher to Spanish speaking children, to full time at-home mother and home-schooler of our three sons, Aleksander, Jonathan, and Nathanael. Craig worked for seven years for a Landscape firm before accepting the call into ministry as an assistant pastor at Calvary Chapel, San Jose, overseeing the church administration, family ministries, seniors, and of course missions.

We have long recognized God’s call on our life to GO, and have even had the desire to GO, the question for us has always been where and when? Well, the Lord confirmed in both our hearts that “the where” was to be to Uganda and we have been serving there since 2004. The first two years were spent teaching at the Bible College in Kampala, assisting at the church in Kampala, and during that time, beginning a home church in Entebbe. In 2006, God opened the door for us to buy land in Entebbe to build a church. Since then, we have started a church, a widows work farm to assist the many widows and destitute women in the community, a school for the community children, and a sponsorship program aiding orphans to gain an education. Loren continues assisting in women’s ministry at the church and teaching at a school for missionary children where their boys will be attending. Lifelong scripture: Proverbs 3:3, 5, 6 “Let love and faithfulness never leave you; Bind them around your neck, Write them on the tablet of your heart. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.

Prayer Requests:

  • That we may lovingly and effectively serve those we are called to minister to in Uganda.
  • For a spirit of love, courage, unity, within our family and with those whom we serve.
  • For strength…spiritually, physically, emotionally, before moving, during our move, and when we get there
  • For day to day reliance on the Lord to meet our every need. And I might add, ha ha, to not have a nervous breakdown trying to get everything done right now! Just kidding. We do need prayer to daily give the Lord all our needs and to rest in Him.