Leadership Team


The leadership of Calvary Vista consists of a team of men committed to serving the needs of the church at Calvary Vista. The group consists of both pastors from Calvary Vista and godly men within the congregation.


Members of the Leadership Team serve a three year term and then take a one year break. During the break, they are still considered a part of the Leadership Team but in an inactive role, meaning they do not participate in the monthly meetings but are brought in on any big decisions the team might be considering. All substantial decisions require a 100% agreement on behalf of the members of the team and are only decided upon after weeks of prayer and fasting. At the conclusion of the one year break, members have the option of returning to the team in an active role or stepping off of the Leadership Team completely.


The active members of the Leadership Team meet on a monthly basis to pray for the church and to discuss topics such as the overall direction of the church, budgets, missions, and other outreach opportunities. All the members of the team are given the opportunity by Pastor Rob to cast vision for the church. Once vision or direction has been cast to the Leadership Team by either Pastor Rob, a member of the team, someone on our pastoral staff, the Leadership Team commits to praying for confirmation from the Lord for that vision or idea. If the vision or direction is confirmed through prayer, the Word, and guidance from the Holy Spirit, it is then brought before the church to see how and when it can be implemented.

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