We believe that where God guides, He provides. Your contribution furthers our vision together of UPreach, INreach, and OUTreach in facilitating the worship of our Lord and making disciples both domestically and globally through local, national, and international ministries, outreaches and missions.


General Tithes and Offerings

Give to Missions Funds



Why Use Online or Digital Giving?

Giving is an opportunity to respond to the Lord with gratefulness for His provision, and is a spiritual act of worship.  To facilitate giving when we are unable to give in person, we rely on modern technology.

People can give online at any time, so we are no longer limited to giving only during the church services.    And since Pushpay lets you save your information, you can login and give even faster next time.  Even easier, you can schedule a recurring gift and it happens automatically on the day and frequency that works best for you.

How Can I Get Started?

Giving Link on Our Website: Simply visit give.calvaryvista.com. This will take you to the secure giving page and allow you to make your donation.

Mobile Device: Grab your phone and text GIVECV to 77977. You’ll receive a text back with instructions. Be sure to type GIVECV as one word, and make sure your phone does not autocorrect. Tap the link, and you are ready to go!

Custom Church App: You can access sermons, events, and give right through our church’s free app.  Simply grab your phone and text CVAPP to 77977 (again, make sure your phone does not autocorrect!), and you will receive a direct link to your device’s app store.



Digital Giving – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Pushpay?
A: Pushpay is an online and mobile giving platform currently used by over 8,000 churches.  You can give a one-time donation or schedule recurring donations by using your bank account, debit or credit card.

Q: Is Pushpay secure?
A: Yes, giving digitally is much more secure than cash or checks, and your gifts are directly deposited. Your payment details are tokenized and are stored off your device on industrial-grade encrypted servers. More information: https://pushpay.com/security

Q: Is Pushpay free?
A: Yes and no.  The Pushpay platform is completely free for you to use, but as with any online transaction processor, the church incurs processing fees.  There is an option during your transaction to contribute to these costs, if you wish.  Even better, when you choose “Give from Bank Account” instead of a credit or debit card, there are almost no fees.

Q: How do I use PushPay?
A. It’s easy! The initial setup requires a few steps, but afterward, you can give in as little as 10 seconds! Simply click: give.calvaryvista.com and then follow the instructions that appear. If you like, you can use the steps below to guide you as you make your first transaction. 

  • Go to the giving page here.
  • Enter the dollar amount.
  • Choose “Set up recurring” and set the frequency, or choose “Give one time.” 
  • Select the fund you wish to give to (e.g. “Tithes & Offerings” or “Missions”).
  • Click “Next.”
  • Enter your mobile number and click “Send code” to receive a security code by text message. **
  • Enter the code you receive and click “Confirm.”
  • Check the box to contribute to processing costs, if you wish.
  • Enter your credit/debit card or bank account information.
  • Click “Give.” You’re done!
    **Note: Setting up a new user profile requires a mobile number.  If necessary, we can manually create your profile using your email address.  Call us at 760-726-4224.


Q: Can someone help me use PushPay?
A: Yes! For help setting up your account, call the Calvary Vista Finance Team at 760-726-4224, or send us an email at FinanceTeam@CalvaryVista.com.