Tender Hearts Assisted Living Ministry

Tender Hearts Assisted Living Ministry is a part of the Calvary Vista mission to reach out to those who are in nursing and assisted living homes. There are many within these facilities that are lost and without the hope of Jesus, as well as those who already know the love of God and just need to be encouraged in Him.  The mindset behind this ministry is to take the Heart of Jesus Christ to those who are hurting, lost, afflicted, or the elderly who are confined to one of these facilities. Our heart is to be the voice, hands, and feet of our Lord Jesus Christ. He said, “I was sick and you visited Me”… Matt 25:36 (NKJV).

How to Serve:

Our needs are great, as we have four assisted living homes in our area that we visit on weekly bases. We reach anywhere from seventy to one hundred residents at four local facilities, providing church services and one-on-one ministry. The majority of our outreach is done on Sunday, but is not limited to that day.

We have a need for those who:

  • Have a desire to teach the word of God. We are in need of both English and Hispanic speaking individuals
  • Are gifted in leading praise and worship music
  • Have the patience to come alongside of someone and listen and love them
  • Will read the Word of God to someone who is unable to do so
  • Have the flexibility to make visits


Kevin Michel


Solutions for Change

North County Solutions for Change is a program to help solve family homelessness with permanent solutions. We love to partner with their efforts by helping provide meals, childcare on Saturday mornings, and build relationships with those in the program by inviting them to events, church, and share the love of Jesus. How can you get involved?

Saturday mornings from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. we provide childcare and activities for the children while their parents are in mandatory meetings.  This is a great opportunity for entire families to serve together and share the love of Jesus.   Having men and high school teens come over to hang out and play ball with the homeless kids is invaluable.

Our church is on a monthly rotation to provide a hot dinner for the families on  Tuesday nights.  You can join this team and be a blessing to so many.  There is no kitchen facility, so the families staying there rely on churches and organizations to feed them.   You are also welcome to stay, serve, and eat with the families.


Christina Castaneda