What I have I give to you

What I have I give to you

This week’s blog post comes from a friend of mine, Jim Gallagher.  Jim is the pastor of Calvary Chapel in Vero Beach Florida. I have known Jim since he was in high school. I have seen God do an amazing work in and through his life. He is an awesome man of God, faithful husband and loving father. My life has been deeply enriched by Jim and this particular blog post was very encouraging. I pray that it blesses you as well. – Pastor Rob

“Peter makes reference to a simple rule of life. We can only give away what we personally possess. By his own admission, Peter had no money to give this man. It is interesting to note that from an economic standpoint, Peter’s condition was no different from the beggar. In the world’s estimation, a man in his thirties who is too broke to share his change with a beggar is of very little value. Peter would not make a who’s who list in the 1st century. But if we look a little more closely, we see that Peter possessed something far greater than the riches that tarnish and fade. Peter said,

“what I do have I give you: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk.” Acts 3:6

Flat broke, jobless, and in a city that was not his home, Peter had more to offer this world than Pilate, Herod and all the powers of Rome combined. Peter knew Jesus.

I wonder about you and me. What do we possess? If we were stopped on the street and searched, would they be able to find that Jesus resides and reigns in our heart and lives? It is when we allow Jesus to take possession of us, that we find that we possess Him. It is when we allow Him to have all of our lives: our thoughts, actions, dreams, possessions, and futures that we find that like the Psalmist of old “Our cup runs over.”

What is it that you possess this morning? Is it Jesus? Could you give Him to the stranger on the street, or the person sitting near you at church, or the family member who is struggling to find meaning in life? Let’s determine together, that we make our aim to know Jesus better so that through our lives, the lame may walk and the lost be found.”

Pastor Jim