More Than Conquerors

More Than Conquerors

We all know what a conqueror is, it is when one football team beats another football team 56-0 we say they conquered the opponent. It is when one UFC fighter knocks out his opponent in a matter of seconds, we say he was a conqueror in the ring tonight. In Paul’s day it was a Roman army that brutally brought the rest of the world into submission. Yes we understand what it means to be a Conqueror. But what does it mean to be MORE THAN A CONQUEROR?  To put it simply, I believe it is having victory and being  able to rejoice in the midst of the battle, when things are still uncertain and it is still up in the air as to what the actual outcome is going to be.

Being more than a conqueror is not about pulling ourselves up by the bootstraps and trying harder, or coming up with the right plan to make something happen. Being more than a conqueror is not about us at all. Paul declared plainly in Romans 8:37 that we are more than conquerors THROUGH HIM (JESUS) WHO LOVES US. Being more than a conqueror is what Jesus gives to us in the moment of the Battle, what we call TIMELY HELP, that pulls us through and helps us to keep going. It is the way that Jesus is so faithful to be the lifter of our heads and helps us to see beyond the giants and the obstacles and the trials that loom so big in front of us. Being more than conquerors is about Jesus showing Himself strong on behalf of those who are week.

As a Pastor at Calvary Vista for the past 15 1/2 years I have watched a large number of people in our church family, experience what it means to be more than conquerors through Jesus who loves them so much. I have seen people suffer through the loss of a spouse, a child, a brother, a sister, and close friends. I have seen people suffer through a divorce, the loss of a house or a job. I have seen precious believers deal with having to have limbs amputated, battle cancer and other incurable diseases. But in so many of these cases I have seen Jesus allow my brothers and sisters to be MORE THAN CONQUERORS. I am humbled by their testimonies, and at the same time so encouraged by the faithfulness of Jesus to walk with them through each difficult part of the Journey. I think this quote by Pastor Ray Stedman sums it up well what it means to be More than conquerors.

“More than conquerors” is one who, by the grace and the gift of God, and in the strength of God within him, actually takes the very things that are designed to destroy him, and they become stepping stones instead of stumbling blocks.”  Ray Stedman